Imagine a Character

NurmoAI allows you to access 100+ pre-made characters and make own ones with no filter.

Why Choose NurmoAI?

NurmoAI is best Character AI Provider found in internet.

Budget Friendly

Cost-effective solutions for every budget.

100+ Characters

Extensive character sets supporting global languages.

No Filter

Unfiltered access to all our features and data.

Pre-Made Characters

Access 100+ Characters

Choose from 100+ pre-made Characters that are ready to be used in both applications and in Discord.


Add Characters in seconds

Create own unique Characters easily. NurmoAI will help you add them to both your own applications.

No filter

Get all control over Nurmo

Unlike our competitors we don't restrict you from using AI in any wanted way while staying legal.



$0/ month

When you just want to try NurmoAI for your own app.

  • 5 calls/minute limit
  • Basic only characters
  • From July 2nd nurmo-2 only
  • Max 3 Selected Characters
Most Popular


$5.99/ month

When you need fun experience, better AI Models, and less limits.

  • 30 calls/minute
  • Premium Characters
  • Access to nurmo-3
  • No Filter
  • Max 25 Selected Characters


$10.99/ month

When you have big application and want to achieve maximum from Characters

  • 100 calls per min
  • Premium Characters
  • Access to nurmo-3
  • No Filter
  • Max 50 Selected Characters

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Join the many startups and servers using NurmoAI to get the most out of your product.


Considering NurmoAI? Here are some frequently asked questions.

No, NurmoAI does not provide legal advice. We offer contract analysis and management tools to help you understand your contracts better.

No, we do not use your data to train our models. We take data privacy very seriously and only use anonymized data for product improvement purposes.

We use industry-standard encryption to protect your data and adhere to strict security protocols to ensure that your information is always safe with us.

A contract knowledge base is a centralized repository of information about your contracts, including key dates, obligations, and other relevant details.